Warranties and Guarantees Policy

Warranties and Guarantees Policy

Diesel Performance Mechanical Pty Ltd (“The Seller”) offers a range of products via online sales of custom products and is a reseller of other manufacturers products.

Warranties and consumer guarantees are different.

Under the ACCC consumer guarantees, consumers are entitled to a repair, replacement, or refund IF there’s a major defective problem with an original product (not as a result of incorrect fitting/installation or used in a way that was not fit for purpose). These consumer rights apply automatically under law, and “the seller” must offer a remedy, which could be repair, replacement or refund. 

Major vs minor faults (General Definitions)

The ACCC consumer guarantee, covers major faults/defects.  Whether the faulty/defective product entitles you to a refund, replacement or repair depends on if the problem is 'major' or 'minor.'  According to Consumer Law: 

There is a major failure with a product when it:

  • is deemed unsafe.
  • has either one serious problem or several smaller problems that would've stopped you from buying the product if you had known beforehand.
  • is very different from the description, sample or demonstration you received.
  • can't be used for its expected purpose and can't easily be fixed within a reasonable time, not a result of buying the incorrect product.

If a product has a major fault, you are entitled to your choice of a replacement product or a full refund.

Minor failures include smaller problems that don't fit into the major failure categories, for example, loose threads on clothing or a broken remote for an electronic device.

If your product has a minor issue, the business is only obligated to repair it free of charge – it doesn't have to offer you a replacement or refund.

These repairs must be made within a reasonable amount of time and a retailer must let you know if they're using second–hand parts in the refurbishment.

If a product has multiple minor failures, this can be considered a major failure.

If you receive a product that is defective “the seller” will be required to review, analyse and establish that the product is defective, prior to offering a remedy, this will involve you the consumer returning the product to “the seller” promptly for investigation and analysis.

If the product has not been correctly fitted by a qualified professional or used in a manner that was not fit for purpose which resulted in product damage and proven via analysis this is the case, then a remedy by “the seller” will not be offered.

If the product is defective and was correctly fitted by a qualified professional or used in a manner that was fit for purpose “the seller” will discuss remedy options with the consumer either, repair, replacement, or refund.

The ACCC consumer guarantee does NOT include, change of mind and/or incorrect selection during buying phase by the consumer (meaning you bought the wrong product – although in this case please contact us to discuss options).

If selection of the wrong products was made during the buying phase by the consumer, and they would like to discuss their options, please contact “the seller” to discuss and if a return or replacement option is offered by “the seller” (although not guaranteed as incorrect selection is not covered by the ACCC consumer guarantees), the consumer must return the product and original packaging and is responsible for the costs of the return postage and the costs of the new postage for the exchange product.

As per ACCC website, A warranty is a voluntary promise that a person or business makes when selling a product.  Once the consumer buys the product, the warranty becomes a legal right. Businesses must comply with any warranties they have provided.

The terms and conditions of a warranty may require the consumer to do certain things in order to keep the warranty.

DPM offers limited 12-month warranties on some “the seller” manufactured products.  (Refer to terms and conditions of DPM Product warranties).  Also note that some products may have different warranty requirements to others.  Refer to individual products if special warranty requirements are listed.

“The seller” does not offer direct warranties on resold third-party products, those warranties may or may not be offered via the manufacturer and vary based on manufacturer voluntary warranties.  If a third-party product is returned for warranty purposes “the seller” may be required to return the product to the manufacturer for testing and analysis to determine if the product damage or defect was a result of design manufacturing, or as a result of fitting/installation or used when not fit for purpose.

If you purchase a DPM custom product and is found to have a defect which is not a result of incorrect fitting/installation or being used in a manner not fit for purpose, please contact DPM.

Diesel Performance Mechanical

Phone Number:  07 5483 9781 

Address:  45 Excelsior Road,  Gympie, Queensland 4570

“The Seller” custom product warranty terms and conditions.

Length of Term:  12 months

Conditions:  Fitting and Installation

Products that require fitting and installation must be completed by a qualified professional and must strictly follow fitting instructions if provided.

If no fitting instruction are provided the qualified professional can use their skills to fit and install but only in the case of installation fit for purpose.

This warranty is in addition to the ACCC consumer guarantee and dose not exclude the ACCC consumer guarantee.